CONHON Waterproof Junction Box

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: CONHON
Certification: CE
Model Number: CHHXH-5XX
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Price: ¥800-10000/pcs
Packaging Details: 180mm×60mm×48mm
Delivery Time: 2-4weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 99999+pc+1m

Detail Information

Dimensions: 180mm×60mm×48mm Mounting Hole Center Size: 150 ~ 155mm
High Light:

PG7 explosion proof junction box


PG7 equalised junction box


PG7 load cell junction box

Product Description

CONHON CHJXH-5XX stainless steel plastic load cell junction box five holes four wires


Five-hole four-wire system
Plastic waterproof sealed shell structure
With 5 PG7 plastic waterproof joints
Optional plastic or metal connector with higher protection level
Industrial Design A perfect combination of tradition and modernity
Excellent product workmanship, advanced technology, perfect design such as edges
PCB version is welded with protective components to prevent surge and induction lightning
Can effectively prevent the damage of sensors and instruments by induced lightning and surge signals
Stainless steel housing, sealed joint, durable, good sealing
Dimensions: 180mm × 60mm × 48mm
Installation size: 2-1mm
Mounting hole center size: 150 ~ 155mm
For small platform scales, electronic platform scales, batching hoppers, forklift scales, etc.
Use method and attention points of electronic scale junction box:
1.Connection of load cell and junction box
Pass the cable of the load cell through the weighing platform into the junction box through the sealed connector and enter each core wire into the junction box. Install different color labels of four-core or six-core cables or measure the positive and negative excitation power supply positive and negative signals after measurement Connect to the corresponding terminal in the junction box and tie the remaining cable of the sensor with a plastic cable tie
2.Connection between junction box and weighing indicator
One end of the special shielded cable enters the core wire in the junction box through the sealed connector and is connected to the corresponding terminal post in the junction box. The other end is welded to the special plug corresponding to the weighing indicator through a metal pipe to insert the weighing indicator On the socket
There are three points to note:
a. After the input and output wires in the junction box are connected, they should be tightened, tightly sealed, and the joints should be put on a desiccant to prevent moisture.
b. For different load cells, input, feedback and output must be distinguished according to different color scales.
c. For different weighing display instruments, the weighing display socket used is different in the form of the plug, and the connection method is different. Don't make a mistake
3. System ground
The grounding of the electronic weighing system is very important. It protects the personal safety and ensures the stability and reliability of the system. The grounding measures of the system must not be taken lightly. The general electronic weighing system has two ground points. Connect the weighing body to the grounding post with one or more grounding cables

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